What Is Short Wave

What is Short Wave

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To understand shortwave, we must look at the radio spectrum, also called the electromagnetic spectrum. This spectrum is the range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. The spectrum of an individual object is the distribution of electromagnetic radiation absorbed or given off by that particular object.

The radio spectrum specifically refers to range of electromagnetic spectrum that corresponds with radio frequencies. Different radio transmission technologies utilize different parts of the radio spectrum, and is typically regulated by governmental agencies. In the cases of cell phone providers, radio spectrums are sold for private use.

A band is a small section of the radio spectrum frequencies, where channels are set aside for the same exclusive purpose.

There are nine frequency bands, and short wave refers to all the upper Medium Frequency (MF) and all of the High Frequency (HF) portions of the radio spectrum between 1,800-30,000 kHz. The wavelengths in this band are shorter than 200 m, which marked the original upper limit of the MF band first used for radio communications. Hence, short wave acquired its name.

Shortwave, although it was initially considered useless, now has many applications that make communications possible, such as broadcasting voice and music. Shortwave is also employed in long-distance communication to aircraft and ships, and to areas out of reach of other radio services.

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